Mini smart home cleaner robot


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Mini smart home cleaner robot

Take your house cleaning tech to the next level with this incredibly compact mini smart home cleaner robot. With nifty construction and excellent power, this robot will get into those hard to reach spaces. Take a break from moving heavy furniture and let this powerful cleaner do the job! Its energy efficient design means you can return to more important things, knowing this robot cleaner will operate for a long time.

One less thing on your to do list.

Spring cleaning rolls around every year. So, those forgotten corners of your room will need a refresh. This robot cleaner is the perfect companion for your Spring cleaning needs. Its 6cm ultra thin body can effortlessly squeeze under furniture. As a result, you can relieve yourself from strenuous cleaning positions this year!

Built to be the silent helper. 

With a built-in NIDEC Brushless Motor, this cleaner is designed with reliability and durability at heart. It’s advanced technology means it will produce significantly less disruption when in operation. In return, you can continue watching your Morning News while this beauty does its job. 

This mini smart cleaner robot also runs with an incredible low energy consumption. That way, you can worry less about having to constantly find an available plug, or wait for it to recharge. 


Oh, and it has some pretty unique skills.

That’s right – this cleaner can effectively sterilize while it operates. Using advanced UV sterilization, it is able to kill off bacteria during its cleaning session. This makes it a great tool in your home if you have kids and pets running around. 


Clean your floors with ease using this incredibly compact, technologically advanced mini smart home cleaner robot.
We all need those reliable accessories that never fail and last for years – and this cleaner robot is definitely one of them.


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