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Havoc Mini Scooters

Let your kids go on epic adventures with this incredibly compact, wonderfully vibrant Havoc Pro Mini Scooter. With fantastic colours to choose from, this scooter is the perfect scaled down model of our famous Havoc Pro Storm Scooter. It’s heavy duty frame and sturdy wheels make this a great scooter for kids to learn how to fall in love with the Scooter world on.
havoc mini scooter

That crowd stopping look.

Do you remember the days as a kid where everyone wanted the coolest, brightest bikes and scooters? Havoc have kept a child’s mindset in mind when designing this awesome mini scooter. That is why it’s vibrant colours will have kids scooting the street with pride.  

Bright enough for safe visibility. 

Although your kids want to roam freely, as a parent, it can be tough letting go and giving trust to the outside world. That’s why it becomes especially tough when you mix scooter races with cars on the road. The havoc mini is designed with bright colours to let cars know your child is playing. As a result, you can relax knowing it’s vibrance is providing some warning to scarier objects on the road.


havoc mini scooter
purple havoc mini scooter

Pretty and strong, even in pink.

Even your little girls will love this Scooter. The Havoc Pro Mini Scooter is essentially a down scaled version of our Storm pro scooter for all the young children or smaller riders. As a result, all the same quality features are there, Forged steel fork, aluminium brake, Spoked 110mm spoked wheels, and sealed integrated headset.


Full specs. 

Bars: 17” x 16.5” (431mm x 419mm)
Deck: 15.5” x 4.5” (393mm x 114mm)
Brake: Havoc Aluminium Flex Brake
Fork: Havoc Forged Steel Fork
Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
Compression: Havoc IHC
Clamp: Havoc Double Clamp
Wheels: Havoc 110mm 85-88 Pu High rebound rubber
Grips: Havoc Grips
Total Weight: 6.05 Lbs (2.74Kg)


havoc mini scooter

Get your kids going on your next adventure with this incredibly sleek Havoc Pro Mini Scooter.
We all need those reliable accessories that never fail and last for years – and this Scooter is definitely one of them.