4 Grid 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray Mold


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4 Grid 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray Mold

Step up your cocktail game with these killer 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray Molds. With this Ice Cube Tray, your drinks will stay cooler for longer as these rock solid skulls slowly melt. As an ideal conversation starter for any party, this tray mold will elevate guests experiences to a great, ghostly height.

No need for boring old cubes.

Why not spice up your life with a little of the unexpected? These Skull Ice Cube molds will certainly do the trick. Their precise skull molding gives you more than just ice for your drink. After all, its the simple things in life that can make it the most interesting. 

Watching ice melt just got interesting. 

Life is always about exploring and trying new things. So, kicking off a change of pace with this tray is a fantastic idea. Hold 4 molds of ice in this incredibly durable tray and set yourself up for an entertaining beverage. Who knew that ice could get this interesting?


Make it a conversation piece.

If your like us at Back Forty Urbanite, we love a good social scene. These little Skull Ice Cubes go down a treat at any event or celebration. Maybe your hosting a Halloween party, or having friends over for Cinco de Mayo. Whatever the occasion may be, this tray mold is definitely something to keep in your freezer.


Decorate your drinks. 

This easy to clean and refill tray mold is the icing on the cake to a good drink. Drop a skull in a whiskey or even your kid’s pop and watch it melt for hours. Your drink experience just stepped up a level. 


Get going on your next adventure with these wonderful Skull Ice Cube Tray Molds.
We all need those reliable accessories that never fail and last for years – and this tray mold is definitely one of them.


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